Procreate Painting On Wate in Chicago

Dear Chicagoans, 

All living creatures, creative or not, according to your own rating, have the urge to procreate. At least that's what the general myth says. Some of us have produced offsprings intentionally or not. Some of us, become professionally creative. 

How about if we join the groups together. Bring your good self and your offsprings, if you have any, and join the professional creative folks in the Chicago community.

I am back in town to be with my colleagues during the celebration of the Innovation and Creativity Weekend. Come join us. Get some fun and be more creative, for a change.

And you can stop by and experience the Painting on Water yourself.

Sunday, April 17 from 2 to 5 pm 

Celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Week in Chicago.

Girl Scout's Journey World
770 N. Halsted (Halsted & Chicago Ave.) Chicago, Illinois 60642

2 pm Door opens with multiple activities to choose from.

2:10 pm Test your Creativity on Water with your whole brain.
A hand-on activity guided by Amy Basic, an engineer, a professional artist, and a professional speaker on creativity. Also known as Amy Lee Segami, Amy is the artist who paints on water since 1989. She was featured on Wild Chicago. 

3 pm What’s it like to be YOU?” (WILTBY) by Ben Hollis

8 time Emmy Award winning TV host of Wild Chicago will be interviewing attendees. Fun and entertaining.
"Why such short notice?" you ask. Spontaneousness and urgency. One of the key elements of being creative is how quick you react. I will say more at my session, Painting On Water™.

Space is limited. Help the party planners to stock up enough beer, wine and snacks for you, your friends and family. Sign up now. Let's play, laugh and learn together. 

What does Painting On Water has to do with your daily life?
It's the Ying and Yang of creativity and innovation.
It's the essence of living, learning and being, upon which great thinking takes place. ~ Segami.

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